Reporting Incidents and Accidents

If medical intervention is required, following a Scouting incident, this must be reported through the GSL to HQ. This could include suchlike as a tooth chip, or an infected tick bite. If you aren’t sure, leave to the GSL to figure out.

The required information is the Name, Group and Brief Description (including date and nature of incident and medical intervention).

It is not possible to give an absolute ruling on what should be reported to Scout Insurance Services and what need not be. If in doubt, contact The Scout Information Centre and seek advice.

However, as a general guide:
Minor injuries (cuts, grazes) which are dealt with by first aid and which require no further medical intervention do not need to be reported. However, if a minor injury deteriorates and it is discovered that Parents have taken the young person for further treatment the incident reporting procedure should be followed.
Any injury or illness which requires medical intervention by a Doctor, Dentist or at a hospital should be notified to Scout Insurance Services irrespective of any subsequent diagnosis. i.e., if a young person is taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm but it turns out to be only badly bruised, the incident should still be reported.
Incidents should also be reported where emergency services (Police, Fire Brigade, Mountain Rescue, Coastguard etc) have been summoned, irrespective of whether anyone was injured.

Ordinarily, you will hear little else after the initial report.

Here is the relevant factsheet