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6 – 8 years old

Beavers are our youngest members, and meet for an hour per week. They enjoy all that Scouting has to offer; being introduced to outdoor activities, having the opportunity to be creative, explore their local community and experience the excitement of a Beaver Scout Sleepover with their friends.

8 – 10 years old

For Cubs, excitement and adventure are key. Their programme offers a huge variety of activities surrounding areas of fitness, global and beliefs; whilst allowing them to be creative and get involved in their local communities. Cubs are introduced to exciting outdoor skills and take part in adventurous activities, as well as camps and residential experiences.

10 – 14 years old

Scouts aims to build and develop young people’s confidence, sense of adventure and outdoor skills, as well as encouraging them to explore their beliefs and attitudes and be creative.  It offers them the independence to put these skills into practice at camps and even on international trips.

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Why I Love Beavers

“I love Beavers because we do fun activities and learn and do lots of cool stuff! You can also earn lots of badges which look really cool. I get to be with my friends and have also made lots of new friends since I started.”

A Current Beaver

Our Ambassadors

‘I have really fond memories of being a Cub Scout. I was particularly proud of being made a sixer. It was such a proud moment for me. I’m really happy now to encourage others to join, learn skills and have the same positive experience. I am grateful for what Scouting did for me.’

Warwick Davis

‘I was one of the first females in our Cub Scout Pack. It led to a love of the outdoors and really grew my confidence. The confidence that you gain through Scouting is something that you just can’t buy.’

Helen Glover MBE

‘I feel that my love of adventure really came from those first night camps I went on with the Scouts. Getting outdoors was always the best part of Scouting for me.’

Ed Stafford

‘Scouts help children and young adults find alternative ways in life and help them to think outside of the box. I call on others to volunteer a little time to help young people get the best possible start.’

Megan Hine

‘I love the fact that Scouting has gone international. It’s brilliant. When we did it, it was always good, but it was a lot more localised, and it seems to have really come into the 21st century, which I think is really important.’

Chris Evans

‘Scouting has a hugely powerful role to play in helping young people, girls as well as boys, develop those all-important life skills. It’s an inspiring organisation that inspires so many.’

Anita Rani

‘I got started as a Cub in 1st Bagshot Scout Group and learnt how to work as part of a team, light fires, canoe and much more. So many of the skills that I use on my expeditions now, I learnt at Cubs.’

Steve Backshall

‘Scouting set me on the right path at a young age because I loved the outdoors and I loved adventure. It gave me the opportunity to discover new interests, explore new boundaries and build the confidence to achieve new goals.’

Tim Peake

‘Young people need positive role models. They also need a safe, nurturing and supportive environment where they can try new things and not be afraid to fail. Scouting is one of those places.’

Ellie Simmons OBE

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