Running Nights Away

Every Nights Away event for young people in Scouting must be led by someone who holds a Nights Away Permit. Other leaders attending the event do not need a Nights Away Permit.

Speak to GSL/Helen Ranson to find out more about this, and to find out who your Nights Away Adviser is.

Some common FAQs on Nights Away:

Do I need separate accommodation for boys and girls?

This is not in the Rules, however, it is down to your risk assessment. For example, it is likely to be advisable for lone girls to be co-located with boys rather than be isolated, but this should be discussed with parents. You might decide a tarp is sufficient to give some privacy for example. Privacy in bathroom facilities is necessary. There DOES need to be separation between leaders and young people, but this may not necessarily be a wall but a tent wall.

Do I need a paper form to run a Nights Away?

Only shooting requires a written form, which is a Section 21 declaration.

No other consent form is necessary. This likely differs from the way schools are run, but bear in mind that we are insured differently. You may be comfortable with a sign up via OSM for some events, e.g. day trip, simple sleepover, so far as you are comfortable you have the required information.

Is there a limit on how long Beavers can camp or stay away? Do I need a separate building if Beavers camp?

Both these questions stem from previous factsheets which have been withdrawn. Beavers can camp for 356 days solid if your risk assessment supported this.

Many Beavers can manage longer away from home than you would expect but you know them best. Its sensible to have a contingency for extreme weather but that can include: all camping in the mess tent, bail and call the parents because its close enough to home, hunker down under a bandstand etc.

You probably should have plenty of spare bedding and warm clothes for weather, spilt drinks or less pleasant reasons.

Can I go abroad?

Course you can! Even Beavers! There are some more rules though but nothing insurmountable, especially if we use one of the great tour operators targeted at Scouts. See Rule 9.64 Visits Abroad